Friday, July 22, 2011

summer is a lonely time when its a drought...

Hello Y'all, its been a hot second or two, I know I know...
well I have a few new ones or at least two and one that has two versions, maybe drafts,
a look at the evolution of the poem in progress i guess one could say.
It's hot and dry round these parts, but my cucumbers and zucchini's are hardy little guys and my strawberries have taken over.  Muskrat's remembering to grin and bear it, growl and go.
But enough of that here are some new one's as promised... enjoy, let me know what you think.

Watering the tall green desert grass
imitation raindrops
A thumb and a garden hose
A hummingbird from the shelter
Of a purple leaf plum
Flits through the droplets
In the evening sun
Seven months and a quarter inch of rain

There is a hummingbird playing
In the fake rain created
By my thumb and a garden hose
Watering the green green tall desert grass
In my parents backyard
Taking shelter in the purple leaf plum
From the sun and an Albuquerque afternoon
Box turtles eating strawberries In the evening
Watching the gardener picking cherry tomatoes
flirting with hummingbirds and watering patio morning glories.

Wipe down the cast iron skillet with a paper towel
Bacons grease and garden fresh zucchini
Peaking out the backdoor to catch
Finches tilting the hummingbird feeder
Spilling sugar water onto dead branches
At the base of a lilac bush
Instead watch white butterflies circle red cherry pepper plants
And a few mid-day clouds carry rain away from the Rio Grande basin
North towards Colorado and east towards a never hitting the ground evaporation.

As always Solidarity Forever, ride free, ride safe, Don't be a stranger...