Tuesday, May 10, 2011

two finals down and one more to go

just nine or so more pages to type and another semester is down.
Kind of enjoying this perma-student thing.  Not a bad way to go.
The wind is picking up outside, I can hear the dirt shifting
spring time again i guess,
Someone pointed out that this year is my golden birthday... 31 on the 31st of this month.
it is what it is...

here is a poem i spat out on demand a few months back for a fellow worker...

There’s a heaviness hanging over the Sandia’s in the early afternoon
Capped in anticipation and the southern edges of a blizzard system
Dropping blizzard conditions in Denver
Low, northern rambling clouds in Albuquerque.
There is a glare off the rim of the white coffee mug
The sun stressed and hanging in intervals between breaks in the clouds.
Breaking and stretching themselves into patchwork
Over the Rio Grande as they lose momentum heading west towards Grants
And a badlands of lava flows and mud.

He’s left post-it notes of haikus
In work break rooms
to push out algebraic formulas from his frontal lobe
To make room for music lyrics and abstract theory
Recipes for blended coffees and caloric counts of whole and non fat
Concoctions that leave you bloated and restless

His espresso is cold and the foot of his bed empty
Three wool blankets leave gaps between each other
Like the clouds over the rio grande rambling east
Towards grants and a train yard of rust and ankle sized ballast

It’s Febuary and the tree’s remain empty
Arms stretched in prayer for an early spring
A winter without moisture and the sky sinks heavy
Over the mountains with false prophets of chills and apple cider weather.

maybe the next one will be more recent maybe not...
until then keep up the good fight.
solidarity forever... ride free... be safe... ride hard, die harder

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