Friday, October 21, 2011

I forgot one...

This one I think speaks on its own... also not one hundred percent but its getting there...


When the words leave her tongue through her fingers
Letters on the keyboard, you vibrate through my joints

I am surrounded by tomes of poetry scattered about my feet
Over white tile, their hard spines and bent covers

I want your words in my mouth, your lips wrapped
Around my hear, whispering I te amo

I want my fingers to run across the back of your neck,
The neck of a typewriter as I un-crease years long writers block

A lover’s block uncorked and left stained in black ink
If there are red shoes waiting on department store shelves

There is a slow dance in a dimly lit bar and a kiss
Two foreheads pressed close in words and futures

Kiss me he whispers, enter my bed, enter my heart
Enter my garden, there are pinecones supporting marigolds

And muskrat dirt caked paws singing ladybug lullabies
Lucy and pine trees, a hot sun embraced by autumnal clouds

On that is that folks... ride safe, ride free, stand together... Solidarity forever
and remember to hug the ones you care about... even in solitude and loneliness 
there is the yearning for romance and a touch...

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  1. You got some good stuff here, dude. Talk to ya soon.