Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another oldie from days of whiskey and denver past

Found these typed in the middle of some scraps of muskrat, looked like the typewriter in was running as low as my patience had been.  I Hope to have a new poem and a letter to mink in the coming days, until then this is all I got. Two short untitled poems.  I promise to give them titles and a proper existence soon.

These days trickle by
Like poems off a typewriter
threats of an afternoon drizzle
            spent in frantic moments
            and relaxed cooking hashbrowns over a gas stove
eyeing green chili’s in the back recesses of the freezer
and tossed around like history books

Denver monsoons brought
Four in the afternoon cloud cover
Rumors of a small trickle
            Enough shade to watch the sun
            Set below the clouds.
It’s threatening rain and Albuquerque
a cold cup of coffee in Denver
 and a glass of canned apple juice
brought down in showers from the attic.

God speed little animals, solidarity forever, ride free, live free, don't give up... I'm trying not to.

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