Sunday, February 12, 2012

new poems and it tried snowing early this morning

I know I am not faithful to you dear friends... I forget to write, or scribble things down and lose them.  But I have a few small short new poems for you.  Its not much this close to valentine's day but its better than roses I assure you.  Watching A Charlie Brown Valentine's last night by myself, sipping a grapefruit soda, I remembered our own theatrical version we performed in Denver a few years and a life time ago.  Those were good times.  I have the flier somewhere in a shoe box tucked in storage.  But enough is enough.

I- Valentines present for me from a sunday morning

Waking up to a brief Sunday snow
Pulling back the light blue sheets
a bathrobe and a wool blanket mingle
and curl like a pit bull at my feet
Small flakes line the cinderblock wall
A baking flour coating over red paving stones
Leading towards raised beds and pansies
Brush off the dusting and accept February’s attempt at weather
With a shrug and yellow and blue blossoms.

 II- backyard scenery in black and white

In stark black ink lines
Cottonwoods and aspen branches in winter
A yellow breasted finch
stands out like a morning dove
the blackbirds eating breakfast
in the Governor Bent Elementary school
parking lot and dirt playground
under the swing sets and along the chain link fence
we along stood twenty six years ago

 I know its nothing much but its what i have right now.  I have another letter to mink in the works for early next week. Until then love the people close to you, take care of your feet, touch your fingers to the pages of a book.  Ride free, live free, tell someone who doesn't already know it that you love them. God speed lil animals and solidarity forever.

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